5 Great Holiday Gifts for Pets
5 Great Holiday Gifts for Pets

5 Great Holiday Gifts for Pets

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Best Gifts for Pets

The holidays are not only a time to be shopping for your human loved ones, but for your canine ones too. Buying gifts for pets should be fun, but it can also be tough to come up with just the right presents for your dog – specifically because they can’t exactly tell you what they want. Whether you’re buying Christmas presents for dogs or just want to get something special for your pup for the holiday season, below are a few ideas to add to your list.

Buying Gifts for Dogs

Good dog beds

Good dog beds are something you should consider investing in. Sure, they have some great deals out there, especially during this time of year, but we would recommend not just buying the cheapest or easiest option. Similar to what you would think about your own bed – you want a quality dog bed, that is both comfortable and durable. It also depends on who will be using this wonderful dog bed; do you have a small, lap dog? Or do you have a rowdy puppy? Or possibly you have an older dog? The good news is, there are dog beds out there specifically designed for basically any type of dog with any sort of specific need. It is the holidays after all, so why not spoil your pup with a really good dog bed.

Fun dog treats

We all have the go-to dog treats that we consistently buy for our pups, but why not get some fun dog treats as a special indulgence for your dog. If you’re indulging during this time of year, why can’t your pup? You don’t have to completely nix healthy dog treats for the holiday season, but pampering your dog with a large bone is sure to make them happy. Or if you are feeling adventurous, try making homemade dog treats so you can specialize them any way you want! There are tons of recipes online for homemade dog treats but these dog lover’s recipes sound appetizing even for your human friends.

Holiday dog toys

A lot of dog owners are almost constantly buying new dog toys, for one reason or another – somehow buying gifts for pets is just different than gifts for anyone else, right? Since it is a special time of year, consider getting your pup some holiday dog toys. I’m sure any of your favorite stores have a decent selection of holiday dog toys, but you can also order some good holiday toys online. Watching your dog chew on a fluffy Santa Clause or tug on a stuffed menorah will surely get you into the holiday spirit.

Dog accessories

You don’t necessarily have to buy matching pajamas for you and your pup (if you’re into that, please do) but new accessories make great holiday gifts for pets. For more of the modest types, you can simply opt for a new dog collar, a cute holiday dog bandana, or maybe a fun new dog ID tag. If you have more of a fashionista pup on your hands, we suggest dog booties, pet jewelry, or even a festive holiday dog costume. The holidays are the perfect time for sprucing up your dog’s everyday wear.

Dog health supplements

Health supplements for dogs may not be on the top of your gift list, but they should be. After all, keeping your dog happy and healthy is the best gift – both for you and for them. Health supplements for dogs, don’t have to mean hard to administer pills. If given the choice, wouldn’t you rather simply mix a powder in their food, or even give them a treat that makes their body perform at its best (while also being delicious)? If your pet has any specific health needs, such as issues with dog joint health, or perhaps they get overly hyper or stressed out, Therabis products are a perfect option. If your dog doesn’t have these types of issues and you simply want to ensure they continue to stay healthy, the new Therabis Happy & Healthy treat supplements to support overall wellness through optimal body function. A treat your dog will love, that also keeps them feeling their best – seems like a win, win.

The best part about these health supplements for your dog – you can make it even easier by subscribing to your favorite Therabis products and saving 15%. There are no obligations in the auto-ship program and you can modify or cancel it at any time. Not only makes a great gift for your own pup this holiday season but your fellow dog lover friends too!

As we said, buying gifts for pets should be a fun. We hope this list helps you out during this busy time of year, and that both you and your pup have a wonderful holiday season!  



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