By now, you have heard the buzz around hemp as it has become somewhat of a health trend for humans. Well, not only does it benefit us, but it can improve the health of our furry friends as well. Each one of our products is formulated with hemp protein powder and is aimed to aid your pet in different ways. By helping with your dog’s skin, aging, and even calming them down, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of hemp for dogs.

Hemp Skin Benefits

Do you have an itchy dog? Many of our pups experience skin issues from hotspots, dry skin, or rashes. It’s never fun to watch your dog incessantly scratch itself and not be able to provide them some sort of relief. Hemp may not be top of mind as a remedy for these dog skin problems, but it should be. Not only does hemp act as an anti-inflammatory, but it helps boost skin and coat health. Hemp can help reduce hotspots on dogs, improve dry skin on dogs, and can even help with your dog licking its paws continuously. Next time you notice any of these dog skin problems, think about how Therabis Stop the Itch could help both you and your precious pup.


Hemp and Anti-Aging

Unfortunately, our furry pals age and may begin to show joint mobility issues or certain simple tasks seem to become more uncomfortable for them. Like any good pet owner, we are constantly trying to improve our dog’s quality of life. Luckily, hemp oil can help give your aging dog an extra pep in their step and make moving, running, and jumping a whole lot easier and more comfortable. If you’ve been looking for senior pet products, look no further than Therabis Up & Moving. Boosting your dog’s joint health and energy are among the list of many benefits of hemp for dogs.

Hemp Calming for Dogs

One of the most common problems pet owners run into with their dogs is finding a way to calm them down. It’s good to look for the signs of stress in dogs to determine the reason they may have trouble calming down. Regardless of the reason, hemp can assist in helping your dog get through these stressful situations by providing a calming effect. Hemp is a great, healthy alternative to other artificial or chemical ridden options. Whether your pet gets stressed out in the car, during storms, or is just hyper in general, the hemp oil in our Therabis Calm and Quiet product will naturally calm your pup.

The Therabis whole-plant hemp oil blend is backed by years of research from veterinarian Dr. Stephen Katz. The motivation behind Therabis was based on Dr. Katz’s remarkable passion to maintain and improve the wellbeing of animals. Each product comes in an easy-to-use, single serving sachet that can simply be sprinkled on your dog’s food – and with dog-approved taste, they will love it too!



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