How to Calm Nervous Dog Breeds During the Holidays
How to Calm Nervous Dog Breeds During the Holidays

How to Calm Nervous Dog Breeds During the Holidays

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Calm Nervous Dog Breeds: Detecting Signs of Stress in Dogs


The holidays are not only a stressful time for us humans, but they can have quite the effect on your pup as well. It’s important to learn signs of stress in dogs so that you don’t run into larger problems during this joyous time of year. Whether you’re hosting large parties, shopping for hours on end, or attending one of many holiday festivities – letting your normal routine slide can mess with your pet’s psyche. This is especially important when dealing with nervous dog breeds. Below are a few things to keep in mind so both you and your furry friend can enjoy the holiday season.


Reducing Stress in Dogs during the Holidays


Stick to the routine to prevent a stressed dog

Do your best to make sure certain things stay consistent – meals, walks, playtime – each day. If you normally take your dog for an afternoon walk every day, try and stick to that routine even if you were planning on hitting the holiday sales at the mall. You may also have some extra house guests, which can make routines even that much harder. Instead of your guests ruining you and your pet’s routine, just get them involved as well. You’ll notice nervous behavior in dogs is at a minimum when they are in their typical routine.


If your dog seems nervous, get some exercise

Take your dog out for a nice walk in the chilly air or go throw the ball at the dog park. When nervous dog breeds are cooped up all day, they get even more stressed out. This will also help them release their energy in a healthy way and not during an inopportune moment during your holiday dinner. You may even feel a bit de-stressed yourself, after a little fresh air and exercise.


Keep them busy while at home

There are all sorts of things you can do to keep your dog’s brain working while you’re busy running around during the holidays. Just like in humans, distracting your pet’s brain to focus on something else besides its own dog stress will help keep them calm and collected. Try out a good food puzzle instead of just leaving food in a bowl, or create some sort of treasure hunt by hiding treats around the house for them to find. 


Give them extra attention

When noticing signs of stress in dogs, one of the best things you can do is to give them just that little bit of extra attention they need. Make time to play with your pet or snuggle with them on the couch, even if your packed holiday schedule is telling you otherwise. If you have house guests or are having others over for a holiday event, encourage them to interact with your pet as well – this is, of course, assuming your pet likes other people. No one wants a stressed dog to ruin the otherwise fun, festive party.


Try calming products for dogs

Add a calming product to your pup’s food or try out calming dog treats. This can accompany your typical routine and is super helpful during high-stress times like dinner parties, hosting house guests, etc. These do not knock your dog out or act as a sedative, but rather provide a calming effect to keep your dog’s stress in order. The Therabis Calm & Quiet product is made with whole plant hemp oil to aid in the calming of your pet - a great option for nervous dog breeds during the busy holiday season.



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