Pet Wellness Tips for a Happy and Healthy Dog
Pet Wellness Tips for a Happy and Healthy Dog

Pet Wellness Tips for a Happy and Healthy Dog

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Focus on Pet Wellness and Enjoy a Healthy Pet

For animal moms and dads, pet health is top of mind. Just like human wellness, taking small steps towards pet wellness every day can substantially decrease emergency health issues and increase the likelihood of a happy, healthy pet.

We’ve put together this list to help assist you - Keys to your pet’s wellness

Pet Wellness - Nutrition and Supplements

Proper nutrition is fundamental to pet wellness. Proper pooch nutrition can make a difference for healthy energy levels, skin, coat, ideal gastrointestinal function and much more. When considering the right diet for your pet, be sure to choose high quality foods from brands you trust or make pet food at home.

If you want convenience and choose to buy store bought pet food, make sure the brands meet or, better yet, exceed the guidelines set by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Ingredients will be listed by weight, so look for brands that have meats (lamb, chicken, beef, fish, etc.) named first on the ingredient list. Too much plant-derived protein can be hard on your pet’s organs, so stay away from brands who have corn or grains listed as a top ingredient. Of course, this is a very basic overview. There is plenty more to learn about the .

Although many high quality pet food brands formulate their products to provide a balanced diet, you can also supplement your pet’s diet for added nutrition and benefits. It’s best to check with a vet first before adding supplements to a pet’s diet.

Pet wellness blends, like those offered by Therabis, can be a big help for relieving any symptoms of stress, itching, or joint mobility problems. Therabis Calm & Quiet Treat Supplements can help for immediate relief during times of stress by using naturally calming hemp protein powder, and wellness vitamin blends with L-Theanine.

Therabis also provides long-term products for other pet health issues. Treat your pet’s fear with Therabis Calm & Quiet, or itchy skin with Therabis Stop The Itch. Both products come in single serving sachets filled with full spectrum hemp oil and vitamin blends, that can be added to your furry companion’s food every day. These are great vet-created, pro active, long-term supplements for your pet’s health.

Pet Wellness - Exercise

According to the 2016 National Pet Obesity Survey, over half of America’s pets suffer from obesity issues, with the number of obese cats hitting an all time high.

Obesity is the number one threat to pet health in America. Pets can suffer from many of the same obesity-related health issues as humans like hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, osteoarthritis, liver disease, cancer, and a lower functioning immune system.

To prevent obesity, exercise with your animal! If your pet already suffers from obesity issues, start slow with an easy paced walk at least 30 minutes total per day. If your cat would rather not be under the control of a leash, have active playtime inside using toys they enjoy.

If your pet is older, already suffering from obesity or joint mobility problems, you may need to provide some relief. Therabis Up And Moving is a great solution.

This product comes in easy-to-use, single serving sachets that you mix in every day with your pet’s food. Therabis Up And Moving is formulated with whole plant hemp oil, great for relieving inflammation, and a comprehensive vitamin blend.

Pet Wellness - Feed their brain with fun games and puzzles

Exercising your pet’s brain can be nearly as important as physical exercise. We often forget that pets were domesticated, largely, for jobs like herding cattle or protection. These days, our pets typically live pampered, retired lives from the day they are born.

Your pet’s brain still needs mental stimulation, even if it’s not serving the purpose they were originally domesticated to do. Without feeding their brain, your pet could become bored, destructive or depressed.

Luckily, mental stimulation for your pet is easier than ever to provide with games and puzzles specifically designed with them in mind that you can purchase or make at home.

One simple way to engage a dog or cat during meal time is to simply scatter its food along the floor or out in the grass, so they can use their nose to hunt it down.

Kongs are a classic for keeping your dog entertained; simply stuff the Kong with peanut butter or one of the Kong branded fillings to keep your dog entertained. There are also treat balls and puzzles that require a bit of brain activity to release the tasty morsels locked inside. Many of these, like an IQ Treat Ball, can be altered depending on the difficulty level you would like.

There are plenty of mental stimulation options for cats as well! Try filling this cat maze with food or treats and make your cat work for it under varying levels of difficulty. If your cat tends to get bored or tired easily, try this all-in-one play room for cats that includes toys, peekaboo holes, a bed and a box. Your cat will be able to play and snooze in one place!

Pet Wellness - Proactive Healthcare

Proper pet health care is essential to your pet’s wellness.

Regular check ups with your vet are vital to making sure your pet lives a happy and healthy life. Vets will be able to pinpoint any health issues your pet may be experiencing and regular check ups make it more likely these problems will be detected and treated early.

Going to the vet, especially if your pet is suffering from health issues, can be costly. Luckily, there is pet health insurance that can help alleviate some of that out of pocket cost. A good pet health insurance plan will also cover preventive care like vaccines, dental cleanings, regular check ups and more. Average pet health insurance costs around $25-$60 per month.

Get a free quote for pet health insurance through the ASPCA or look at the average cost of common pet health insurance plans here.

Pet Wellness - Love

Love may be the most important aspect of pet wellness. Luckily for you, it may be good for your overall wellness also!

Humans have shared a special bond with dogs for around 14,000 years, when domestication of the animals first began. Since then, humans and dogs have shared in co-evolution.

How do we know? According to a study published the the journal Science, humans and dogs both release the hormone, Oxytocin, by simply locking eyes. This is similar to the process mothers experience when Oxytocin is released during breastfeeding. Dogs are the only animal that can elicit the happy hormone in humans that we know of so far.

Oxytocin has many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial to both humans and pets. Higher oxytocin levels have been know to elevate mood and relieve stress - for both you and your dog!

Cheers to keeping your furry friend healthy and happy for years to come.

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