Happy And Healthy Treat Supplements

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  • Supports your dog's overall wellness through optimal body function.
  • Promotes skin, coat, and joint health.
  • Fast-acting treats with dog-approved taste.
  • Formulated with whole plant hemp oil (with naturally-occurring cannabiniods), flavinoids and a comprehensive vitamin blend.
  • Developed and refined for more than 10 years by lifelong veterinarian Dr. Stephen M. Katz, who’s driven by his passion to improve animals’ quality of life.
  • Active Ingredients
    o Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 
    o Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C)
    o Hemp Protein 
    o Green Lipped Mussel
  • Other Ingredients
    o Garbanzo Flour
    o Coconut Oil
    o Pea Flour
    o Flaxseed Meal
    o Coconut Glycerin
    o Vegan Bacon Flavoring


      Happy and healthy treat supplements


      Happy and Healthy was formulated as a daily supplement to support your dog’s overall wellness with natural whole-plant hemp, coupled with other vitamins and minerals.The whole-plant hemp oil in Therabis Happy and Healthy works through your dog’s central regulatory system to impact several major functions that are key to your dog’s health and well-being. Coupled with Vitamin C and Chromium, Happy and Healthy will help your dog’s body maintain optimum functionality.

      Use Happy and Healthy every day, with or without other Therabis products – for a happier, healthier dog. And when they’re happy, you’re happy!

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      hemp for health


      Your dog's wellness is the product of many systems, all functioning at their best. Fortunately, hemp can naturally impact many of these systems to support your dog's health - and your happiness. The cannabinoids found naturally in hemp interact with receptors on cells throughout your dog's body. Like a key fitting into a lock, they can bind to these receptors and trigger changes in the cell's function - which can support digestion, sleep, mood and much more. And when these systems are at their best, you'll see a happier healthier dog.

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